Chakra Juice

7 hydrating + balancing juices
for your human energy system



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The 7 Chakras 

Muladhara | "stability" {Root Chakra}

Location:  base of spine

Vibration:  red

Svadhisthana | "empathy, generosity" {Sacral Chakra}

Location:  about two inches below the navel

Vibration:  orange

Manipura | "self worth, empowerment" {Solar Plexus}

Location:  about two inches above the navel

Vibration:  yellow

Anahata | "compassion" {Heart Chakra}

Location:  center of chest

Vibration:  green

Vishuddha | “purification” {Throat Chakra}

Location:  right below Adam’s apple

Vibration:  pale blue

Anja | "visualization" {Third-Eye Chakra}

Location::  in between eyebrows

Vibration:  indigo

Sahasraral | "third eye" {Crown Chakra}

Location:  crown of head

Vibration:  violet

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